READY MEALS cooked fresh to order

Collection Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Tom will be prepping the meals Tuesdays and Thursdays


Order your delicious loaves and Saturday morning croissants here!

Orders for Saturday need to be placed by 10am Friday morning.

Your order will be ready to be picked up on Saturday morning.

FLOWERS from Chez Fleur

Flowers by Chez Fleur are available at the Café from Thursday to Saturday at £15 or £25.  You can also pre-order, please state which size bouquet you would like in the comments box.


Please fill out the form below. If you have any extra requests please comment in the free text box at the bottom of the page. Once submitted please wait for an email to confirm your order.

Let us know if you don’t want your bread sliced!


    Ready Meal orders

    Collection Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
    Fish Pie for 2 - £SOLD OUT

    Please await a confirmation email which will have your collection date and slot.
    Requests in the box below

    Bread & croissant orders for Saturday

    Sourdough sliced loaf - £3
    The sourdoughs are made to be moderately mellow in taste
    Chewy brown sliced loaf - £3
    The bread is made from a secret combination of rye and malted wheat sourdough.
    Multiseed sliced loaf - £3
    Flavoursome loaves packed with amazing ingredients - Square cut
    Fjord sliced loaf - £3
    A rich, dense, dark, Scandinavian style bread packed full of seeds and with added herbs - £3
    Plain Croissant - £1.50
    Chocolate Croissant - £1.60
    Almond Croissant - £2.20


    Order a seasonal posy of flowers from Belinda, at Chez Fleur, to your order for £15/£25


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